CoilPro Version 4.0

CoilPro is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the MCS6 Coil Winder Control System with full multi-media capabilities. CoilPro is an application program for use with Microsoft Windows 7. It is now standard with all new MCS6 control systems, and also available as an upgrade for all earlier DOS, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP based systems.

CoilPro’s standard version provides the tools to setup, program, debug and run production on a coil winding machine.

CoilPro’s ‘Multi-Media’’ option provides the tools to make a simple coil winder into a training system with the following features:

CoilPro’s ‘Electronic Job Folder’ option provides the tools to integrate a coil winder into an ISO9000 qualified production environment with the following features:

·         Setup and work instructions with full multi-media.

CoilPro is used to program, debug and run a coil program on a coil winding machine. It is also a training aid for learning and running hand labor intensive coils utilizing pictures, video and audio. It includes a full context sensitive help system linked to the complete operation/maintenance manual with pictures, video and audio.

CoilPro will operate in a network environment for receiving production requirements from a cell controller as well as reporting production data to the cell controller. CoilPro is also fully Y2K compliant.

The CoilPro Help System uses Microsoft® HTML files. It is the new standard help system for the Windows platform. As an information delivery system, the help system includes the complete MCS6 programming manual, service manual as well as training guide.

This help system offers some distinct advantages over standard HTML. Such as the ability to implement a combined table of contents and index. Keywords are used for advanced hyper linking capability, searching and bookmarks.

The CoilPro Run Screen is used during startup and normal production. It has large buttons for loading programs, homing, changing operation modes, etc. The buttons are touch screen compatible. A number of numeric readouts give real time axis positions, cycle count, cycle time etc. A special large readout is used for turns count for easy operator viewing. The multi-media window is used for displaying pictures or video linked to the winding program, which can be used to help train new operators.

The CoilPro Program Builder screen uses "Teach Mode" to create a coil program. Multiple methods allow Axes to be jogged and positions saved as program instructions. Complex instructions are selected from drop menu then data is entered in a dialog box. While building a program, the context sensitive help system is available to assist in instruction selection.

The Axis Setup screen is used to jog and find home positions. You can change jog speed from 0 to full speed. All axes position can be displayed real time. The "Set Home" feature makes homing easiest in the industry. A multi-level security feature can keep important parameters, like axes home position from being inadvertently changed.

The CoilPro I/O Control screen is used to monitor real time I/O activity. Using a multi-threaded technique the program can watch all machine I/O points simultaneously and display them in real time. While in the I/O Control Screen, an output toggle feature is available to easily flip outputs On and Off. This allows you to instantly see the result operating an air cylinder with a switch or prox connected to an input.

The Multimedia Editor Screen is used to edit a multimedia table. A specific table will be used with each coil program to ‘Play’ multimedia files while running that program. The editor is used to choose multimedia files from disk and test play and/or insert to the table. Each selected file is linked by the editor to coil program. The editor and multimedia play system currently supports WAV sound format, AVI movie format and JPEG, BITMAP image formats.



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