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Machine Control Specialists is in business to provide products and services to the medical and electrical manufacturing industries exness.  We continuously strive to be the leader in our field by providing our customers with innovative products and the support they need to keep competitive in their own markets. 

MCS Company Profile

Machine Control Specialists, Inc. (MCS) is a manufacturer of automation, electronic controls and machinery.  We are located in Roselle, IL just west of Chicago O’Hare airport.  Our expertise is motion control and our product line focuses on the Aerospace Defense, Electrical, and Medical Manufacturing Industries. Our major business divisions include control products, automation, coil winding machinery, coil winding machine rebuilds, and control conversions. 

The MCS product line includes bench-top winders, continuous winders, fly winders, medical winders, micro winders, heavy duty winders, and custom designed machinery exness thailand. Special machines are available for bonded wire, sensor coils, heater elements, LVDT coils, medical catheter & guide wires, motor coils including slot winding, multi-filar coils, and resistor coils.  Specialties include precision layering with "Electro-Guide", closed loop electronic tensioners and tension readouts.

Our President, Richard Mikulecky left Bachi Inc. in 1993 as Director of Engineering to establish MCS. During his tenure at Bachi, Richard accumulated 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of automation, coil winding machinery and controls. Richard and his staff, some of whom also left Bachi, have manufactured 1000's of machines and control products at MCS over the last 22 years.

Our electrical engineering staff, led by Mark Murawski is experienced in the design of industrial controls and motion control systems.  We design and manufacture our own circuit boards and write our own software.  Our electrical designs provide the fastest motions and processing speed possible, yet utilize components that are commonly available.

Our mechanical engineering staff is led by Frank Pfeifer. Frank has over 25 years experience in design and manufacture of coil winding equipment while he was the President of Machine-Equip-Trol, Inc. After the merger of MET and MCS, Frank joined MCS and brought with him the expertise to produce machinery to compliment our control line. 

Our customer support staff is led by George Palmer. He is experienced in mechanical and electrical repair, as well as programming of many types of machinery.  We can provide quick service to solve any field problem and get your machine running.  We will travel worldwide and are especially able to service the Maquila Industry of Mexico with bilingual personnel exness th.

Our office staff is led by Jackie Catalanotto. She is responsible for all correspondence with our customers and vendors.

Our marketing and sales departments are led by Michael Harper.  Michael is responsible for all of our advertising, marketing, sales, trade shows, web site etc.  He also oversees all customer relations.

In addition to our in house sales staff we have the following representatives:                                  


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 HnG Medical Incorporated
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Machine Control Specialists, Inc.
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