MCS Dereeling and Tensioning Options


Model 1500
Tension Readout Unit

Is an in-line measuring device for wire winding applications

Designed for permanent installation. Replacing handheld measurement devices

Typically used to measure winding tension from 1 to 1500 Grams

Offered in multiple configurations







Swing Arm Tensioner

See video here

  Manual Hysteresis Tension Power Supply
  MCS Small Horizontal Tensioner

Available with friction or hysteresis tension

  MCS T-Bar Tensioner

Available with friction or hysteresis tension


MCS Floor Mount Heavy Duty Dereelers

Available with Single, Double or Triple Spools

Tension can be produced by air operated caliper brakes or magnetic brakes. Manual controls or computer controlled tension available


Azonic Products, Inc

Manually adjusted tensioner

Model 3000 - for 30-44 AWG (shown)

Model 3000F - for 40-47 AWG

Model 3000H - for 26-40 AWG

Model 4C3000 - for 16-32 AWG


HBR-10 Wire Tension Units

Easy to use, simple and inexpensive

Can be used with wire from 10-32 AWG



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